Sales Training

Selling in a competitive market place can be unforgiving. There are no prizes for coming second in a supplier selection. One way to dramatically enhance the likely hood of gaining the sale is ensuring that your sales team has above average skills. As one of the leading sales training companies in the UK, our in-company sales training programmes will improve the skills of your sales team, enhancing their ability to be more effective at selling.

In-company training enables us to work with your sales team and cover the issues specific to your industry. Almost half of our work is delivered on an in-house basis. It is a very cost effective method of developing the ability of a sales team and such tactical sales training has many benefits not achievable with an open course.

All of our public (open) sales courses can be presented as an in-company programme. Alternatively, here is a list of ready to run in-company sales training programmes. We also offer sales training consultancy, a bespoke sales training service as well as individual coaching


  • closing sales

    Closing Sales

    Because closing is such an important part of the selling process, this workshop is a must for every sales team.

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  • delivering effective sales presentations

    Delivering Effective Sales Presentations

    An essential skill for the successful sales-person.

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  • Getting New Business

    Learn the right way to develop new business opportunities.

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  • incoming calls sales training

    Incoming Calls Sales Training

    An ideal skill development workshop for your employees who sell to customers who call your company.

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  • introduction sales training

    Introduction Sales Training

    The perfect developmental programme for your employees who are new to selling.

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  • Making Appointments

    Making Appointments

    This workshop covers best practice for making sales appointments.

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  • selling a service

    Selling a Service

    This course is designed for sales teams who sell the services of their company rather than a tangible product.

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  • selling from exhibition stands

    Selling From Exhibition  Stands

    Provide this training before your staff work on the stand to ensure enquiry and sales levels are maximised.

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  • telesales


    The telesales role is arguably more challenging than a face to face sales role. Use this course to develop your telesales team.

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  • time management for salespeople

    Time Management for Salespeople

    Selling has many distractions. Minimise non-productive issues to allow your sales team to focus their efforts on selling.

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This video looks at the benefits of training your sales people:

This video looks at the the benefits of in-company training:

This video describes Spearhead's partnership approach to in-company training:

"The course was very in depth and I was very impressed."
JBD Forever Living Products
"Very entertaining, instructor kept us involved and awake!"
HM Contechs
"Brilliant tutor - top chap!"
LN Man and Machine
"The pace and style of learning was just right. Especially the high level of interaction."
PW Visual Foods Ltd

Need Help?

If you are unsure as to the skill levels in your sales team and need help choosing the right type of sales training, we can assist in identifying what is required. Please click on benchmarking your sales team to find out more or look at our one-to-one coaching service to find out about field sales training. Our commitment is to ensure your investment in sales training is as effective as possible and produces the maximum return on investment. You can call us for advice on 01608 644144, or use the form to enquire about in company sales training.

The Need For Sales Training

Selling is similar to competing in sports where a high level of performance is required to beat the competition. In both cases, a high level of ability pays dividends in terms of results. One of the main differentiations between sport and business is the effort devoted to improve the relevant skills and ability. The majority of sports people spend more time training than they do competing. With business people, on the other hand, the opposite is almost always the case. However we cannot expect a high level of performance from people without a high amount of development. Running an in company sales skills techniques training course for your team will help to build their knowledge and skills which in turn enable improved actions to achieve higher results.

From our experience, virtually every salesperson will benefit from input of training – no matter how good or experienced they are. Very successful and experienced salespeople benefit from professional sales skills training in the form of enhanced knowledge of the key stages, and/or a development in their skills and abilities. They also gain from having the opportunity to share ideas, and develop best practice. A lot of experienced people comment positively that the advanced sales training sessions  and sales negotiation training we provide have reminded them of the numerous techniques they had forgotten over time. Outcomes from professional sales skills training can be achieved from following ways: more effective use of time, improved conversion rates, higher sales values, better prices negotiated and shorter sales cycles.

Investing in sales training is one of the most cost effective ways to improve business performance. A modest investment in your sales team will repay itself many times over. If you are concerned about achieving a return on investment (ROI) please contact us to discuss. We can help to identify whether there is indeed a business case for you.