Business Skills

The business world today is highly competitive. Expectation levels are constantly increasing and productivity improvements are a must. To achieve better results in business it is necessary to improve the actions your people take in the work place. Our in company business skills training courses and workshops are designed to improve business performance by improving your peoples' knowledge and skills. As such they are a very cost effective solution to help your people keep pace with developments.

Any of our open business skills courses can be presented as an in company programme, alternatively check out the list of available ready to run in company business skills training programmes listed below. Running any of the these on an in-house basis can be a very cost effective way of enhancing the performance of your people. All open and ready-to-run programmes can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

  • answering the telephone

    Answering the Telephone

    Turning good morning into good business.

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  • Basics of Finance

    Basics of Finance

    A one-day workshop for everyone who needs a quick introduction to the basic concepts .

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  • Financial Awareness

    A two-day training course for those the non-specialist who needs a more in-depth understanding of finance.

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  • Being a great team player

    Being a Great Team Player

    Make your peoples’ contribution to the team as effective as it can be.

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  • Better Budgeting

    Better Budgeting

    Train your managers to understand business finance and budgeting.

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  • buying skills

    Buying Skills

    Provide your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to buy best.

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  • call centre training

    Call Centre Training

    Ensure your call centre staff can deliver a high level of customer service over the telephone.

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  • Chairing Meetings

    Chairing Meetings

    Ensure your staff can run effective and resourceful meetings.

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  • Coaching Skills

    Coaching Skills

    Ensure all Managers and Supervisors with the responsibility for developing people know how to coach effectively.

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  • Communication Skills

    Communication Skills

    Help improve your teams' communication skills.

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  • Complaint Handling

    Complaint Handling

    Provide your staff with the skills they need to deal with difficult customers over the phone.

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  • Customer Care Training

    Customer Care Training

    Provide your staff with a structured review of customer care principles.

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  • Customer Service Skills

    Customer Service Skills

    Help your staff develop or refresh their Customer Service Skills.

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  • Effective Meetings

    Effective Meetings

    Help your staff to plan and run effective meetings.

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  • Fundamentals of Business

    Fundamentals of Business

    Help your support staff to enhance their contribution and add value.

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  • Marketing Fundamentals

    Marketing Fundamentals

    How marketing works to build business

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  • Negotiation Training for Buyers

    Negotiation Training for Buyers

    Help your buyers to increase their negotiation skills and effectiveness.

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  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Training

    Neuro Linguistic Programming Training

    Provide your staff with an understanding of NLP and how it can be used in the workplace.

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  • Personal Efficiency Training

    Personal Efficiency Training

    Help your staff to manage themselves at work.

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  • Persuading and influencing skills

    Persuading & Influencing Skills

    How to reach positive outcomes.

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  • presentation skills

    Presentation Skills

    Master techniques for maximum impact.

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  • Problem Solving Skills

    Problem Solving Skills

    Help your staff to gain confidence and ability to solve problems effectively.

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  • Projects Process and People

    Projects: Process & People

    Provide Project Managers with the skills they need to successfully deliver.

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  • Project Management workshop

    Project Management Workshop

    Introduction to project management techniques.

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  • Public Exhibitions

    Public Exhibitions

    Help your staff make the most of every opportunity that exhibiting provides.

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  • Purchasing Skills

    Purchasing Skills

    Provide your purchasing team with the necessary skills to manage your buying effectively.

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  • Recruitment Training

    Recruitment Training

    How to avoid the costly mistakes and recruit the right person for the job.

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  • Report Writing

    Report Writing

    Help your staff produce concise and effective business reports.

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  • Stress Management

    Stress Management

    Help your staff manage the stress and pressures of the modern working environment.

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  • Time Management

    Top techniques for busy people.

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  • Training Skills

    Training Skills

    Help your trainers provide training that gets results.

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Need Help?

If you can not see what you need then we are happy to arrange a meeting or a teleconference, at no obligation, to discuss your development needs. Please call us on +44(0)1608 644144, alternatively you can email us at with your training requirements and we will respond with our recommendations.

The Need For Business Skills Training

There are a number of core courses we provide which will benefit almost all employees, such as communication skills and time management training. There are also courses we provide that are relevant to groups of employees, such as presentation skills and customer service training. We also have more specialised courses for specific teams and departments, such as buying skills and project management. We even run training skills courses that will allow you to train up your own team of internal trainers.

If you are looking to reduce costs in your business, holding a financial awareness programme can be an effective way to help employees gain a useful understanding into business finances and therefore to be able to consider what they can do to reduce costs.

All of  our open and ready to run training programmes can be delivered at very competitive prices. Our fees depend on a number of factors such as the total number of people to be trained, course duration etc. Please take some time to view the available ready to run options and if you have any queries or require further information, please contact us. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the results delivered by improving the skills of your people with our business training programmes.