Advanced Sales Skills


Advanced Sales SkillsAdvanced Sales Skills
- master the challenge of high level selling

A 2-day open course

This advanced sales skills course is for the experienced salesperson who has a track record of success and seeks to become even more proficient.

It is also suitable for those who sell complex solutions to multiple decision makers with long sales cycles.

It covers sales techniques and sales strategies to maximise performance. It is practical and pragmatic in content with considerable delegate participation. Every salesperson will gain from the fresh perspective taken on this course and the chance to re-think their current working practices.


Many good and experienced sales people question the virtues of attending an advanced sales skills course when they already have a track record for success. This is a valid question and one way to answer this is to draw from an analogy. Sales people - like sports people - operate in a competitive environment and are measured by their "wins". Most sports people, indeed virtually all successful professionals, receive regular training, development and coaching to continually improve. Imagine a footballer who never practiced between games, he may still remain good, but would he operate at his full potential? This programme will help to ensure that experienced sales people operate to their full potential and maximise business performance. Most are actually surprised by how much they take away!

Who will benefit from attending?

Advanced sales skills courses are designed for the experienced salesperson wishing to hone their skills and techniques, review their approach to ensure best practice and maximise their performance. This programme is suitable for those selling in a business-to-business situation, selling complex solutions to multiple decision makers with long sales cycles.

What you will get from attending:

  1. Mastery of the professional consultative selling process
  2. Methods to plan and manage long sales cycles
  3. Improved knowledge on how to influence the different types of decision makers to win more business
  4. Stimulation and personal challenge to raise your sales performance to the highest level

Testimonials for Advanced Sales Skills

"Very clear - good chance to bounce ideas off each other." SL, Eurobrands Partner Ltd
"Great course, very easy to transfer across to the field." AN, Haddenham Healthcare
"Great atmosphere and personal attention from the tutor." BJ, Bluelive Media

Course dates

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Guaranteed Results

20_2013-01-25-04.jpgIf you are not satisfied that you have benefited by attending our Advanced Sales Skills course, then we will refund your course fee.

This course can also be delivered as an in-company option. Click here for details.

The following are included in the course fee:


  • A complete set of course handouts in a folder
  • A printed copy of the key slides used by the tutor, for your personal notes
  • A flash stick containing additional self-development and course reference materials to reinforce your learning
  • Post-course e-train modules to support your personal development back at work (lasting a full 12 months)
  • Unlimited access to the Spearhead delegate help-line, so you can get individual post-training support from your tutor
  • A high quality, personalised certificate of attendance
  • A delicious lunch
  • Morning and afternoon coffee/tea/light refreshments