Assertiveness Skills


assertiveness skillsAssertiveness Skills
- the art of confident communication

A 1-day workshop

The ability to respond confidently and assertively is a key business skill. Assertive people are more effective at work and better able to handle what might be considered difficult situations.

This fascinating and practical workshop is for everyone - supervisors, managers, sales executives, administrative and support staff.


Assertiveness is a key communication skill needed not only in business but also in our private lives. People attend assertiveness skills for many reasons. Some attend because they want to improve their communication skills so they are more effective in their job roles; others attend because they want to learn how to handle a particular situation assertively. Whatever your reasons, this one day workshop will provide a balanced mix of information on the various assertive techniques and special exercises that will hone your skills and boost your confidence so you are able to say the right thing at the right time.

Who will benefit from attending?

Assertiveness is for everyone. As such, this course is suitable for supervisors, managers, sales executives, administrative and support staff. If you sometimes find it difficult to be assertive, then this course is for you.

What you will get from attending:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of assertive behaviour
  2. A tool box of assertive techniques for you to use in various situations
  3. Personal guidance and practice to improve your assertiveness skills
  4. Increased self-confidence

Testimonials for  Assertiveness Skills

"I feel incredibly empowered. Instead of dreading certain situations and meetings, I'm looking forward to trying out my new found skills." HR, OPP Ltd
"Using real situations in tasks made it easier to adapt to your own workplace people." GW, Cory Environment
"Good use of tools to make you think about how you deal with situations." DN, Sumitomo Corp Europe
"Information was focused and detailed." AD, Unifrax Ltd

Course dates

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Guaranteed Results

20_2013-01-25-04.jpgIf you are not satisfied that you have benefited by attending our Assertiveness Skills course, then we will refund your course fee.


This course can also be delivered as an in-company option. Click here for details.

The following are included in the course fee:


  • A complete set of course handouts in a folder
  • A printed copy of the key slides used by the tutor, for your personal notes
  • A flash stick containing additional self-development and course reference materials to reinforce your learning
  • Post-course e-train modules to support your personal development back at work (lasting a full 12 months)
  • Unlimited access to the Spearhead delegate help-line, so you can get individual post-training support from your tutor
  • A high quality, personalised certificate of attendance
  • A delicious lunch
  • Morning and afternoon coffee/tea/light refreshments