Managing Remote Teams

managing remote teamsManaging Remote Teams
- mastering virtual team management.

A 1-day workshop

Managing people at a distance creates unique challenges for managers, which are not always addressed by attending a standard management course.

This workshop provides a framework, tools and techniques to help you master the art of managing a remote team.



This one-day workshop starts by looking at the myths and realities of managing remote teams. It then works through the issues managing a remote team creates, identifying the actions that the manager should take to ensure the team works effectively. Exercises, case studies and group discussions make this an informative and fast-paced day.

Who will benefit from attending?

The course is suitable for managers and supervisors who are responsible for people who work remotely, either because they work routinely from home or are located in offices in different towns/countries. Managers of a field based sales team should attend our specialist open course Managing the Sales Force.

What you will get from attending:

  1. An understanding of the principles for effective remote team management
  2. Proven tools and techniques to help you manage a remote team more effectively
  3. Expert advice and guidance from your trainer to help you resolve issues or concerns you may have about managing a remote team

Testimonials for Managing Remote Teams

"Very helpful" JH, University of Southampton

"This was one of the best training courses I have done in a while" BS, Sport England

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Guaranteed Results

20_2013-01-25-04.jpgIf you are not satisfied that you have benefited by attending our Managing Remote Teams course, then we will refund your course fee.