Leadership Course Training Materials

What is included:

The training course materials for this 2-day leadership skills programme contain the following:

  • Trainer guide and synopsis
  • PowerPoint*TM slides covering each key subject
  • Over twenty delegate exercises plus additional review handouts
  • Course notes of over fifty pages of reference material
  • Course certificate template
  • Delegate assessment template
  • Front cover sheet template
  • Course details template including course overview, objectives and contents


These training materials provide a two-day leadership programme for managers. The training materials are fully ready to use and can also be easily tailored.

The success of an organisation relies heavily on great leadership. This training programme is aimed to develop those necessary skills to become a great leader.

Delegates will examine their leadership style and consider the application in their organisation. The programme is designed to be highly participative and it will provide your delegates with the valuable opportunity to consider the challenges they face in leadership and how the hurdles can be overcome.

The training materials includes over twenty interactive exercises and review handouts for each key topic. During the programme delegates will discover how to develop their skills as leaders. They will be able to develop a plan of action during the course for implementation on their return to the workplace.

The programme has been continuously developed over many years to incorporate the latest leadership models and theories. It is also field tested and has been used to develop the skills of leaders of a wide range of world leading organisations.

Programme Outline

Leadership characteristics
Defining leadership
Vision, mission and values
Tools of leaders
The challenges facing leaders
Reducing dependency in your team
Developing a high performing environment
Leadership styles assessment
Leading a successful team
Leadership communication skills
Assessing your leadership skills
Leading change
Challenging the status quo
Leading your people
The stages of development of your people
Creating a successful team
Increasing employee engagement
The differences between leading and managing
Leadership competencies

Exercises & Handouts

The following exercises and delegate handouts are included:

  1. Leadership characteristics
  2. Values of leaders
  3. Mission and vision statements, including questions and examples
  4. Challenges of leadership including review handout
  5. The signs of dependency in your team
  6. Creating a high performing environment
  7. Your high performance environment
  8. Leadership styles questionnaire, including score sheet and review handout
  9. The spectrum of leadership styles
  10. Successful teams including the ten hallmarks of a successful team
  11. Leadership communication skills
  12. Learning review for day one
  13. Communicating your leadership messages using stories
  14. Leadership participation questionnaire
  15. Leading change including review handout
  16. Leading a team
  17. A checklist for increasing engagement
  18. Are you a leader or a manager
  19. Audit of leadership profile
  20. Post course plan

Additional spare exercise:

  1. Steps to make your vision happen



Programme Title: Leadership Skills
Training Duration: 2 days
Price: £349 + VAT
Target Audience: Managers who wish to develop their leadership skills.

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