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Learning to Serve the Customer

Customer satisfaction, as many businesses have come to realise, is the key to long term profitability and success. But it is not enough to simply have well-trained sales team. Customer satisfaction is achieved mainly through the actions of a company’s non-sales employees, and in particular their behaviour during any contact they have with customers, whether…
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Developing Business Skills in Young Recruits

Do you find yourself grumbling about the fact that the young people you recruit (whether a school leaver or a young graduate) are simply not prepared for the work place? If so, then you are not alone! In a recent survey by the British Chambers of Commerce 88% of businesses reported that school leavers were…
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8 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Isn’t Performing

Are you unhappy about the results your sales team are achieving? Has the situation manifested itself over quite a long period of time? In these situations it is easy for your sales people to point the blame at the current economic situation, excessively high selling prices set by your company, insufficient advertising measures etc. However,…
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What Managers Must Do To Stay Ahead

Today’s senior managers face a totally new set of challenges related to the fast pace of environmental change. These challenges affect every company, in every industry, and are forcing senior management teams to fundamentally re-examine how they operate.  To stay ahead in this new world, senior managers need to focus on two key aspects. (more…)
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7 Tips For Sales Success

How confident are you that the election will give you a sales boost for the remainder of  2017? If you’re not sure (and who can be!), now is your chance to put all of your abilities into action. Prove to yourself what fighting spirit and creativity you have at your command and mobilise all your…
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Tired of Change

For continued success a business must be agile so that it remains competitive and customer focused. Constant change is, therefore, the new norm. A key role of senior management is to support their employees through the process of change. Whilst change may be seen as essential for the survival and growth of a business, data…
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6 Questions to Ask at a Recruitment Interview

Interviewing people and uncovering the information you need to make an informed recruitment decision is not easy. An effective selection interview helps you to objectively assess each candidate’s competency, skills and motivations and so make better hiring decisions. (more…)
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Recruiting Sales People

Sales teams naturally have a higher turnover of staff than other types of teams. Recruiting sales people therefore is a regular part of the sales manager’s job. As with many of the tasks that the sales manager has to perform to do their job effectively, developing a recruitment plan requires considered thought and careful planning.…
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