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Effective Training Strategy & Design – Truth vs. Fiction

There are many “myths” which have grown up around good learning strategy and training design. It can be hard to know which of these are valid and which ones are simply not true. In this blog we look at the research into neuroscience to help identify truth from fiction. (more…)
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Personal Reviews – 9 Steps

Summer is the perfect time to carry out a mid-year personal progress review. This review is important for your own career progression and for your personal development. (more…)
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How To Learn Faster

In today’s fast paced business environment it is vital that we keep up to date and this often means that we have to learn new skills. Many people have good intentions when it comes to developing themselves, but then decide that learning how to do something new is simply too difficult or too time consuming…
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Real Leadership Development

Anyone who has children knows that they go through a series of developmental stages which are not just physical (such as learning to ride a bike) but are also emotional (managing their feelings), intellectual (finding solutions to problems) , moral (knowing right from wrong) and behavioural (social skills). What is true for children is also…
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Hundreds of Sales Proposals – but where are the contracts?

I know a sales person, let’s call him John. John is an engineer who works for a company selling complex solutions. Despite being in sales, John’s real strength lies in engineering. Every month John visits his clients and potential clients and churns out proposal after proposal. Each proposal takes up a lot of John’s time…
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Are You Prepared For Brexit?

Brexit negotiations are about to begin. Whilst a recent study found 59% of large businesses are optimistic about the opportunities Brexit will bring, companies need to start preparing now in order to transform this optimism into tangible results. (more…)
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How to Ask “Why?” Without Causing Offence

Young children are not afraid to ask “why?” and often do so (to their parents’ annoyance) umpteen times a day. They only later learn from their parents, teachers and bosses that the question “why?” often makes people uncomfortable. So how can you ask "why" without causing offence? (more…)
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Problems With Problem Solving

In business, as in life, we have to solve problems every day. Managers in particular are expected to demonstrate effective problem solving skills, as this is what they are employed to do. Yet many managers have problems when it comes to problem solving. (more…)
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Open (Public) vs. Incompany Training – Which Is Best?

One of the questions our Customer Support team is often asked by clients is “I’ve a number of people to train – should I use your open courses or is it better for you to run an in-company course for us?” It’s a great question and the answer is “It depends…” (more…)
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