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10 Things To Do To Be A Better Manager

In this training article we provide ten ideas that can help you to become a better people manager. These ideas will help you to shift your focus from managing the performance of those reporting to you to developing it. This management approach has been proven to meet modern employees’ needs more effectively and to improve…
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Better Performance Appraisals

How do you view performance reviews? Many employees and their managers dread them in equal measure. Managers frequently complain that they take up too much of their valuable time (if they are done at all!) and actually, no one is really sure what the overall purpose of the appraisal system is. If this is you……
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Supporting Learning Transfer

If one of your employees attends a training course do you want the business to get a return on your investment in that employee? Silly question - of course you do! So what can be done to ensure this happens? (more…)
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What Your Desk Says About You

Would you consider yourself a productive person? Before you read any further, please take a good look at your work desk. What is on it? Is it covered with piles of files and paper work? Or is it neat and tidy? If your desk isn’t always neat and tidy does it really matter? Some recent…
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How to Keep Your Best People

Whilst the outcome of the Brexit negotiations will not be known for a while, one thing a number of organisations are concerned with right now is being able to recruit the right people to ensure continued business growth and success. However, another important consideration for managers to tackle today is preventing unnecessary and expensive churn…
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Effective Training Strategy & Design – Truth vs. Fiction

There are many “myths” which have grown up around good learning strategy and training design. It can be hard to know which of these are valid and which ones are simply not true. In this blog we look at the research into neuroscience to help identify truth from fiction. (more…)
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Personal Reviews – 9 Steps

Summer is the perfect time to carry out a mid-year personal progress review. This review is important for your own career progression and for your personal development. (more…)
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How To Learn Faster

In today’s fast paced business environment it is vital that we keep up to date and this often means that we have to learn new skills. Many people have good intentions when it comes to developing themselves, but then decide that learning how to do something new is simply too difficult or too time consuming…
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Real Leadership Development

Anyone who has children knows that they go through a series of developmental stages which are not just physical (such as learning to ride a bike) but are also emotional (managing their feelings), intellectual (finding solutions to problems) , moral (knowing right from wrong) and behavioural (social skills). What is true for children is also…
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