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Key Employee Skills: Six Influential Business Leaders Interviewed

Six highly successful and influential business leaders have been sharing their experiences and business advice with us. They have already shared what they think the essential skills managers need to have in order to be successful. Now they share their views on the skills employees need to support business success. (more…)
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Key Management Skills: Six Influential Business Leaders Interviewed

Recently we commissioned a series of interviews with six highly successful and influential business leaders. They gave us some words of wisdom and their thoughts on what has made the so successful as business leaders. In this interview, we asked them about their actual experiences on how to be a better manager. (more…)
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More Words of Wisdom: Six Influential Business Leaders Interviewed

A core principle behind all of Spearhead’s training is learning from people who have a proven track record of success in business. In a previous article we interviewed six highly influential business leaders and asked for some words of wisdom for aspiring leaders. In this article we asked them specifically about what makes them so…
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Words of Wisdom: Six Influential Business Leaders Interviewed

Learning from those who have a track record of success is a core principle behind all of Spearhead’s training, so we’ve rooted out the biggest minds in business thinking and interviewed them. The result? Invaluable words of wisdom from six influential business leaders that we can all learn from! (more…)
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Learning At Work Week 2018

Organised by the Campaign for Learning, Learning at Work Week is an annual awareness campaign which aims to promote the importance and benefits of learning and development. Learning at Work Week 2018 takes place from 14th-20th May and the theme is "Networked for Learning". Spearhead Training fully supports Learning at Work through our range of…
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Pushing Up Performance

Managers and supervisors who are responsible for achieving results from their team need to focus on how they can increase performance for the period ahead. One method is for the manager/supervisor to put their direct reports under pressure to raise their game. Some managers and supervisors shy away from doing this, but done well this…
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The Sales Manager’s Apprentice

The popular BBC1 TV series "The Apprentice" - the programme in which Sir Alan Sugar sets weekly tasks to test the abilities of the contenders and then grills them in the board room before firing one of them in order to decide who will become his business partner has just finished. Whilst Sir Alan's methods…
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Positive Communication

Previously we said we would be providing more articles that will give communication training tips for sales people, so here is another in the series which looks at how we can communicate negative information or refuse requests in a more positive manner to the customer. Whilst the information in this article is primarily aimed at…
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Time Management Tips for Really Busy People

Do you always have a lot to do and never enough time to do it all? The clock ticks relentlessly on and your to-do list gets larger rather than smaller, despite your best efforts. Before you sink under your ever increasing workload, take a couple of minutes to check that you really are using this…
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