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Pushing Up Performance

Managers and supervisors who are responsible for achieving results from their team need to focus on how they can increase performance for the period ahead. One method is for the manager/supervisor to put their direct reports under pressure to raise their game. Some managers and supervisors shy away from doing this, but done well this…
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The Sales Manager’s Apprentice

The popular BBC1 TV series "The Apprentice" - the programme in which Sir Alan Sugar sets weekly tasks to test the abilities of the contenders and then grills them in the board room before firing one of them in order to decide who will become his business partner has just finished. Whilst Sir Alan's methods…
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Positive Communication

Previously we said we would be providing more articles that will give communication training tips for sales people, so here is another in the series which looks at how we can communicate negative information or refuse requests in a more positive manner to the customer. Whilst the information in this article is primarily aimed at…
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Time Management Tips for Really Busy People

Do you always have a lot to do and never enough time to do it all? The clock ticks relentlessly on and your to-do list gets larger rather than smaller, despite your best efforts. Before you sink under your ever increasing workload, take a couple of minutes to check that you really are using this…
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Controlling the Talkative Customer

Customers who talk an excessive amount can be a particular problem for the inexperienced sales person. Customers who are excessive talkers do not listen to your sales presentation; they frequently interrupt you and often take the leadership of the sales discussion completely out of your hands. One of our sales trainers gives the following tips…
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Do Your Sales People Recognise Buying Signals?

To be effective your sales people need to be able to recognise the point when they have convinced the customer to place an order with them. Continuing to sell, rather than attempting to close the sale, when the customer is convinced, is a common error made by the poorly trained sales person. (more…)
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Handling Impractical Suggestions

In most cases managers are usually very grateful when a member of their team makes a suggestion on how things could be improved. Being an effective manager of people is, after all, about encouraging open communication and innovation. However, what should you do when someone brings you an idea that is simply unrealistic? (more…)
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Body Language Helps You Sell

Try though one might, it is impossible to avoid communicating! Although this simple statement may surprise, it expresses the concept of non verbal communication. Sales people need to remember that their customers will form an opinion of them not from what they say, but rather from what their body language is saying. (more…)
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Talk Once A Day, Not Once A Year

Managers are responsible for the positive performance of the people in their team. This means having regular feedback sessions. But managers can be extremely reluctant to do this. (more…)
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