Three Ways To Improve Your Performance

In today’s busy work place it’s important to ensure that you are working effectively. Here are three performance improving recommendations that everyone can implement.improving performance

1. Stop Multitasking.
When we have a lot to get through on our to-do list it is easy to fall into the habit of trying to do several things at once. Don’t – research has shown that multitasking can increase the error rates made by employees by 50%. Therefore, multitasking instead of being efficient and saving time actually results in more time and resources being used putting the errors right. The key to better time management is to learn how to prioritise.

2. Take a Break.
The human brain’s capacity is limited and complete focus isn’t usually possible for periods of time longer than about 45 minutes. After this our ability to really concentrate declines sharply and we end up becoming less effective. The key is to chunk your tasks so allowing for short regular breaks to help maintain your focus.

3. Don’t Sit and Think.
When you move about, as opposed to sitting statically, your brain is stimulated to produce a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). This has been shown to help brain areas that are used in learning, memory and conceptual thinking. Therefore, don’t sit still when thinking through a tough problem, get up and walk about.

Another way you may be able to increase BDNF is by taking a walk in the open air. Getting sufficient sunlight, which your body converts to Vitamin D, has been shown to stimulate BDNF. So maybe when you need to think creatively you should take a brisk walk outside!