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Put On Your Thinking Hat

Unproductive meetings are the bane of project manager’s lives. Bad meetings waste a great deal of project management time and company money. But it is not having a meeting that is the problem, rather the way the meeting is co-ordinated. (more…)
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Could A Robot Replace You?

In the recent ITV television science fiction series “Humans” robots were depicted as being virtually indistinguishable from human beings and some even developed emotions. But is science fiction becoming science fact? Will robots put your job at risk? (more…)
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The Accelerated Development Equation

With an ever aging workforce, organisations need a pipe line of talented individuals who can be fast-tracked into more senior management positions. But unless this process is well-managed there is a real danger of over-promotion and the problems this causes. (more…)
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After Event Reviews

The holy grail of any training is to ensure that the skills delegates develop are applied when they return to the workplace. Change is difficult and simply attending a one-day workshop may not result in delegates using the skills in their actual job. After Event Reviews (AERs) are a tool that can be used by…
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The Law of High Performance

The key to increasing the level of performance from your team members doesn’t lie in a system or process, but in understanding the psychology of human behaviour. (more…)
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Bonuses Are Better Than Discounts

New and inexperienced sales people often struggle when faced with a demand for a discount from a potential customer. They feel that they cannot refuse this demand without jeopardising the sale. What they need to learn are the skills that allow them to transform the discount demand into a bonus expectation. (more…)
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Innovation & Management

Managers are, as a rule, not employed to simply maintain the status quo but are expected to be innovative and creative. Whilst managers who generate lots of new ideas are often viewed by the senior management team as “better” than those who do not, such managers are often less trusted by the people they manage…
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A Sense Of Purpose

Whatever jobs people do, it is important that they feel their efforts at work are worthwhile and are valued. After all, nobody enjoys working at what are seemingly pointless tasks day after day. Managers and supervisors play a direct role in ensuring the work allocated to their direct reports is seen as purposeful by them.…
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Recognising the “I” in Team

In today’s competitive business environment, organisations increasingly rely on teamwork to achieve superior results. Transformational leadership is known to encourage teamwork. (more…)
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