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Handling Impractical Suggestions

In most cases managers are usually very grateful when a member of their team makes a suggestion on how things could be improved. Being an effective manager of people is, after all, about encouraging open communication and innovation. However, what should you do when someone brings you an idea that is simply unrealistic? (more…)
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Body Language Helps You Sell

Try though one might, it is impossible to avoid communicating! Although this simple statement may surprise, it expresses the concept of non verbal communication. Sales people need to remember that their customers will form an opinion of them not from what they say, but rather from what their body language is saying. (more…)
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Talk Once A Day, Not Once A Year

Managers are responsible for the positive performance of the people in their team. This means having regular feedback sessions. But managers can be extremely reluctant to do this. (more…)
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Achieving Your Full Potential

Newly promoted managers can suffer from self-doubt and may worry that they are not be good enough to succeed in their new role. This phenomenon – sometimes called “imposter syndrome” can become a self-fulfilling prophesy, unless it is tackled head on. (more…)
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Updating the 70:20:10 learning mix

There are many ways in which we can learn to be successful and effective at work. The 70:20:10 learning mix was first proposed by McCall, Lombardo and Eichinger who based their conclusions on studying high-performing managers. But maybe it’s time to re-think this model. (more…)
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How to Cancel Unprofitable Customer Meetings

Picture the scene... you have arranged a meeting with a potential customer. It is the second such meeting (or it could well be the first visit). After arranging the meeting, you realise that the visit is not worth the expense - either the possibility of concluding business is too marginal, the order will be too…
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Setting Great Goals

Goals define what we are expected to achieve. At work we are measured, and sometimes directly rewarded, on our achievement of the goals we have been set. (more…)
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Evaluating Training

At Spearhead we are passionate that every training course we deliver has an impact on your future success. Here we share a few of the models and methodologies that have shaped how training evaluation is carried out. (more…)
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Engagement and the Manager

We all want our team members to be engaged because truly engaged employees lead to a great customer experience - and ultimately to improved company performance. Engaged team members are loyal and this loyalty, if correctly channeled, leads to increased productivity which, in turn, leads to a better customer experience and ultimately improved company performance.…
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