Business Success – Journey or Destination?

Most of us want to be effective and successful, but should we set “being successful” as an objective for ourselves, or are we better considering becoming successful as an ongoing and never ending journey? We put this question to three very successful business leaders. This is what they think.

Setting yourself objectives is an important part of the personal development process. Therefore, it seems reasonable for ambitious individuals to set “being successful” as a personal objective for themselves. Good objectives should have a clearly defined end point, but is “success” actually a destination?

Founder and CEO of Uspaah, Iglika Ghouse, said “I used to think success was a destination. I would say to myself that if only I made X amount of money, I’d be truly happy and successful; if only I got X job, I would really have made it; if only I launched my own business, I would truly be a rock star. But every time I achieved each milestone, I found myself wanting to get to the next one even faster.”

“I now realise” she said that “success is a mindset that makes you work harder and push forward all the time to do bigger and better things. It is indeed a journey that you embark on which is akin to an uphill marathon, with a few rest stations here and there but no real finish line in sight.”
Iglika B. Ghouse
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Gemma Sandy, Director of Business Cost Saving agrees that success is a journey. “Life is all about setting goals, achieving them and then setting new ones” she said “it’s a never-ending process. And with each goal you achieve, it’s as much about what you’ve learned on the way to reaching that last goal as about actually getting there. What you’ve learned and how much determination you needed (and of course understanding your mistakes and the failures) to succeed will help you smash the next goal along the journey.

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OBE recipient and CEO of MicroLink PC Nasser Siabi, Nasser Siabi, says whether you see success as a journey or a destination depends on your view of the destination. “For some” he said “this is a never-ending journey and the experience gained will shape the destination.”

He went on to elaborate, saying “Both are equally important and what binds them together is the purpose. If purpose is likened to one’s spiritual needs, then the experience is never negative and is always very fulfilling.”
Nasser Siabi - OBE

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