Self-Motivation For Salespeople

Everyone strives for success. However, sales are very visible and performance is easily measured. It follows that as a salesperson success is absolutely essential and is highly influenced by your actions and abilities.

The demands which a profession in sales makes on you are constant. If you want success you must be able to remain positive under all circumstances. The prerequisite for this is an inexhaustible supply of self-motivation. This online course teaches you the techniques to motivate yourself to success in selling.

Designed by our own experts to develop essential knowledge and techniques, the course is easy to use and relate to the “real world” of selling. Applied correctly it will yield an excellent return on your time and money investment.

The complete online self-motivation for sales people training programme consists of:

  • - 9 tutorial modules
  • - Test questions with answers
  • - Downloadable self-development exercises
  • - Additional down-loadable support materials
  • - A personalised certificate to print

Total duration of 9 modules: 75 minutes.

Additional support is provided by e-mail.

Details of the course are presented below. Please take the time to view this information and if you have any questions please contact us.


The 9 modules in this course are as follows:

  • Introduction. This module introduces the course and provides details on how to get the best from the material.
  • Tutorial 1. Self-Motivation by Means of a Sales Strategy: This module looks at the laws of success and how to use a sales strategy as a motivational tool.
  • Tutorial 2. Self-Motivation by Means of High Identification: This module looks at the importance of maintaining a high identity and techniques for increasing this.
  • Tutorial 3. Self-motivation by Satisfying Your Needs in a Balanced Manner: This module looks at the five motivational needs of sales people.
  • Tutorial 4. Maintaining a Positive Attitude: This module looks at the consequences of a negative attitude and how you can positively influence your mood.
  • Tutorial 5. Overcoming Mental Barriers: This module looks at recognising and overcoming the mental barriers you face.
  • Tutorial 6. Setting the Correct Goals: This module looks at what you should do in order to set motivational goals for yourself.
  • Tutorial 7. Positive Thinking: This module looks at the four laws of positive thinking and how you can apply them.
  • Tutorial 8. Successful Acquisition of New Customers: This module provides a special training programme that uses the techniques so you gain the motivation to tackle the difficult task of acquiring new customers.


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