Recruitment Training Course Material

What is included:

The training course materials for this half-day (4 hour) recruitment training programme contain the following:

  • Document containing course objectives and contents
  • Trainer’s guide
  • PowerPoint*TM presentation with additional trainer details on selected notes pages
  • All exercises and delegate handouts
  • Front cover template
  • Delegate course reference notes
  • Delegate assessment form template
  • Delegate certificate template


The training materials provide a four hour programme presenting the skills and techniques required to successfully recruit the right person for the job.

The training will cover attracting, conducting interviews and selecting the successful candidate.The exercises during the session will help to develop delegate’s knowledge and skills.There are also a number of templates included to provide delegates with useful tools to help ensure effective recruitment.

The material for this programme has been developed to incorporate best practice so that the process is handled professionally. Your delegates will benefit from the years of research that has been conducted in the field of recruitment and selection and therefore be able to avoid the many pitfalls associated with this discipline.

The programme ensures delegates leave the session with a host ideas and tools as well as added confidence.

This complete short course is fully ready to use straight away.

Programme Outline

Overview of recruitment
The selection process
Options for finding suitable candidates
The content of a job advertisement
Reviewing the curriculum vitae
Preparing for the interview
Organising the interview room
The format of the interview
Providing information to candidates
Using competencies in recruitment
Developing specification profiles
The different types of interview questions
Verifying candidate competencies
The use of interview tests to assess candidates
Appraising candidates and record keeping

Exercises & Handouts

The following exercises and delegate handouts are included:

  1. Preparing for an interview
  2. Example of a job description
  3. Developing a person specification profile
  4. Using competencies in recruitment
  5. The different types of interview questions with review sheet
  6. Verifying candidate competencies
  7. Candidate appraisal handout
  8. Delegate action plan



recruitment training course materials

Programme Title: Recruitment Skills
Training Duration: 4 hours
Price: £129 + VAT
Target Audience: Anyone who wants to ensure they know how to recruit the right people.

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