“How Much?” – Tips For Quoting The Price

quoting the priceMany sales people are very competent at presenting their product to a potential customer but are not so good at the stage in the sales discussion when it comes to presenting the price. This is particularly true where the price of the product they are trying to sell is relatively high.

Richard Stone, one of the sales trainers at Spearhead, recommends that in these situations the sales person gives advance warning to the customer by saying, for example: ‘The interactive system is not cheap, but it is worth the price. It will cost you...’

The reason for doing this is that if the price of your products is relatively high, then there is a danger that when you quote it to your customer he or she will take fright and will adopt a defensive attitude. By giving advance warning to your potential customer when you quote the price this shock reaction can be avoided.

This technique of giving advance warning of the price also performs three other services that help you in closing sales:

Firstly, you admit that the price for the product is substantial. You are not trying to persuade the customer that they are getting the product for virtually nothing. Thus you retain your credibility with the customer.

Secondly, you discredit the concept of ‘cheap’. ‘Cheap’ does, after all, have the connotation of a product being of lower quality. By saying that your product is expensive you are also implying that the quality of the product is excellent.

Thirdly, you make the customer curious to know what your next words will be. You can now satisfy this curiosity by explaining in greater detail why your product is worth the relatively high price charged and your potential customer will listen to your explanation attentively.

The advanced warning technique is just one of many selling methods from our closing sales course that you can use to make the price more palatable to the customer.