Body Language Helps You Sell

body language is importantTry though one might, it is impossible to avoid communicating! Although this simple statement may surprise, it expresses the concept of non verbal communication. Sales people need to remember that their customers will form an opinion of them not from what they say, but rather from what their body language is saying.

As soon as you enter your customer’s office they will immediately make a judgment, albeit subconsciously, about you. “Actions are a kind of words” as Ralph Emerson, the American essayist, lecturer, and poet, once observed. Our posture, gestures and expressions communicate what we really feel, despite what we communicate verbally.

If, for example, you are signaling indifference or lack of confidence, then even the most convincing arguments you make in favor of your product or service will fail to have an impact on a potential buyer. Show the customer from the start that you are genuinely interested in them by using positive body language.

For sales people it is important to avoid an excessively casual posture and attitude when in front of a customer. You need to be relaxed but alert.

Also do not overlook the importance of maintaining good eye contact. Look at the customer in an open and friendly manner throughout your meeting.

Sometimes sales discussions can go on for a long time, particularly if there are several people involved. It is easy to lose your concentration in these situations. Try not to, because, whether or not you realise it, your posture will signal any feelings of boredom which you are experiencing. A customer, who can tell by your body language that you are losing interest in him, will also lose interest in you and your proposal!

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