Online Sales Training

Our online sales training modules and courses are the perfect solution to improve business performance cost effectively whilst saving valuable sales time. They are ideal for busy salespeople who want to maximise their results.

Meticulously created by our own experts to develop your sales knowledge and techniques, the modules and courses are easy to use and relate to the “real world” of selling. Applied correctly you will be guaranteed a return on investment many times over.

Modules are as follows:

10 core modules which build into a complete online sales training course.

3 additional modules.

(The core and additional modules can also be taken as stand-alone modules.)


There is also an advanced online:

sales communication course and a

sales motivation course.

Please take the time to view the details of the courses and modules and if you have any questions do contact us.


Who are these online sales courses suitable for?

These online courses are suitable for anyone selling to another business or organisation. They are for those who want to develop a comprehensive understanding and their techniques for each stage of the sales process to maximise business performance


Why choose online sales training

There are eight reasons why you should choose Spearhead's online sales training modules:

1. Easily adapted into a busy work schedule
Online training can be easily adapted into a busy work schedule as it is convenient and readily accessible giving you the option to use it anytime and anywhere. As a result it allows you to save time as well as minimising logistic costs.

2. Maximises learning
The core course has been designed as a series of short modules which individually take around 40 minutes to complete. Learning using short modules maximises learning whilst also decreasing potential disruption to the working schedule. The additional modules are also about 40 minutes long.

3. Lower cost than traditional training
Online training is lower cost in comparison to traditional training methods, thereby saving money and making training budgets go further.

4. Training to suit individual learning pace
As individuals we all have a different pace and style of learning. Our online training allows for individuals to privately complete the material covered in each module at their own preferred speed.

5. Blended learning
This method of training can also form part of a blended learning approach to support other training interventions and maximise the efficiency of other development activities. They are a perfect way to reinforce tutor led training courses.

6. No software is required
The material is cloud based and no specialist software is needed to access or use the material. Simply access the training from your laptop.

7. Suitable for the modern world
Our online training is aligned with modern learning methods, where the internet is used in everyday life to gain information.

8. Easy to use
Each of our modules has been specifically designed for ease of use and with the minimum amount of administration required.

Overall our online training is a great way to improve performance with minimum cost in respect of time and money.


Please see the on line training page for FAQ's