Sales Training Course Materials

What is included:

The training course materials for this 2-day sales skills programme contain the following:

  • A trainer guide and synopsis
  • A PowerPoint*TM presentation, consisting of 80 slides
  • 13 interactive exercises and additional delegate hand-outs
  • Detailed programme support notes, containing over 100 pages
  • A customisable certificate template
  • A training assessment form
  • A front cover template for the delegate folder
  • An overview document of the objectives and programme content


The training materials provide a two-day training programme presenting the skills and techniques required by a successful salesperson in a competitive business environment. Each key step of the sales process is covered and the programme explores the specific actions required at each stage to maximise performance.

The key points are reinforced with practical exercises to develop a set of techniques that your learners can readily put into action.

The training materials include detailed course reference material, which include clear guidance and real life examples.

Programme Outline

Qualities of Successful Salespeople
Motivating Customers to Buy
Using Benefits
Targeting the Right Customers
Your Own Sequence for a Planned Sale
Pre-Call Planning
Making Appointments
Selling to Buying Teams
Opening Up the Sale
Criteria for Purchasing
Identifying and Building Customer Needs
Persuasive Communication
Selling to Different Types of Customer
Sales Presentation Techniques
Dealing With Difficult Questions
Handling Price Objections
Reacting to Buying Signals
Gaining Commitment
Closing the Sale
Managing Sales Time
Territory Management
The Qualities for Success
Post Course Action Plan

Exercises & Handouts

The following exercises and delegate handouts are included:

  1. Action planning sheet
  2. Qualities successful salespeople have
  3. Product/Service features, advantages & benefits
  4. Selecting customers
  5. Pre-call plans
  6. Making first contact
  7. Reaching the decision maker and getting past the gatekeeper
  8. Reaching the decision maker and getting past the gatekeeper - model answers
  9. Better questioning skills
  10. The CLIENT questioning model - explanation and examples
  11. Psychometric questionnaire - selling/buying styles
  12. Psychometric questionnaire - scoring sheet
  13. Understanding the different personalities
  14. Objections handling
  15. Objections handling - model answers
  16. Closing sales - with examples




Programme Title: Sales Skills
Training Duration: 2 days
Price: £349 + VAT
Target Audience: All sales people

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