Customer Service Course Training Materials

What is included:

The training course materials for this 1-day customer service programme contain the following:

  • Trainers guide and synopsis
  • PowerPoint*TM slides for every key subject
  • 12 delegate exercises plus 3 additional review handouts
  • Course notes for reference material
  • Course certificate template
  • Delegate assessment template
  • Front cover sheet template
  • Course details template - objectives and contents


Excellent customer service is an essential component to success for almost every business. Customer expectations are higher than ever. Organisations must ensure that they can not only meet but exceed these expectations. In order to do so, staff must have the necessary knowledge and skills. This course is aimed at developing and enhancing levels of ability so that the customer experience is first class.

Included in the material is a series of interactive delegate exercises that will be interesting and thought provoking and will develop customer service skills. Delegates will also be able to discover their customer service style and consider how to deal effectively with different personalities.

All key aspects of customer service are covered including handling difficult conversations and dealing with complaints.

There are many components to delivering high levels of service. This course material includes a delegate self-assessment questionnaire containing 85 items that customer service personnel should consider.

This course will refresh and enhance skills levels of experienced customer service operatives and will develop those new to the role.

Detailed course reference notes are also included to provide additional reading.

This training material has been developed over many years of successful delivery to world leading organisations and has been verified to deliver results and enhance service levels.

This material is ready to use straight away. You can also easily tailor and add your individual branding if you require.

Programme Objective:

To learn the key skills to provide excellent customer service and practice the skills required to attain happy customers

Programme Outline:

The different ways of communicating in business
Professional customer service
- Professional customer handling
Customer service over the phone
- The effects over phone on our voice
- Techniques for using your voice
Inbound enquiries
- The sequence of an incoming enquiry
Communication skills
- The different types of question
- Professional questioning techniques
- Listening skills
The techniques of effective call handling
Email communications
Making outbound contact
Standards of customer service
- Reasons why a business loses customers
- The different customer service types
- Setting the standards of customer service
- Creating a positive image
Dealing with difficult customers
Understanding your communication style
- How different people respond to customer service issues
- Dealing with different personalities
Complaint Handling
- The do’s and don’ts of complaint handling
- Resolving customer complaints
- Dealing with unrealistic requests
The techniques of customer service
How to end the conversation professionally
Qualities for successful customer service
Action planning

Exercises that are included in this training material:

1. Your personal service dislikes
2. Typical customer dislikes handout
3. Rules for handling customers professionally
4. Demonstrating effective listening, with handout
5. Standards of customer service, including answers handout
6. Customer service style questionnaire and scoring grid
7. Dealing with personalities
8. Dealing with complaints
9. Handling a difficult conversation
10. Skill development preparation and review handout
11. Customer service self-assessment
12. Delegate action plan

Additional spare exercises:
1. Empathy with examples handout
2. Dealing with difficult customers with answers handout
3. Using positive language with examples handout



Programme Title: Customer Service Skills
Training Duration: 1 day
Price: £199 + VAT
Target Audience: All staff responsible for providing customer service.

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