Call Centre Course Training Materials

What is included:

The training course materials for this 1-day call centre training programme contain the following:

  • Trainers guide and synopsis
  • PowerPoint*TM presentation with over 40 slides
  • 10 Delegate exercises plus additional review handouts and bonus exercises
  • Course notes for reference material
  • Course certificate template
  • Delegate assessment template
  • Front cover sheet template
  • Course details template - objectives and contents


These training materials provide a one-day programme for training anyone who is responsible for handling calls and who needs to know how to deal with telephone conversations professionally. It is also useful as a refresher course for your more experienced telephone operatives and can be delivered as part of their ongoing development. The training materials are ready to use but can also be easily tailored by you.

The training material is designed specifically to develop the skills and knowledge of call centre staff taking customer calls. It will ensure that they are able to provide professional call handling whilst ensuring all customers are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner.

Your learners will learn how to handle conversations professionally, including how to deal with awkward customers and how to handle complaints effectively. Action plans are developed using a specially designed questionnaire which includes 80 points of effective call handling.

Programme Outline

Handling Incoming Calls
- Answering the phone
- Structuring the conversation
- providing information
- Positive endings
Call Handling Skills
- Professional telephone communications
- Gaining information & questioning skills
- Clarifying information received
- Positive responses to customers
- Re-routing calls
- Placing customers on hold
- Dealing with delays in obtaining information
- Assessing you communication skills
- Avoiding the common mistakes
Making Outbound Calls
- Opening the conversation
- Leaving a proffesional message
Customer Service Standards
- The reasons for losing customers
- Creating a positive image
- The different customer service styles
Managing Calls
- Closing conversations politely & professionally
- Ending in a timely manner
Dealing with Difficult Calls
- The different types of difficult callers & how to deal with them
- Handling angry customers
Handling Complaints
- The stages of complaint handling
- Achieving positive outcomes
Techniques for Professional Call handling

Exercises & Handouts

The following exercises and delegate handouts are included:

  1. Actions plan template
  2. Your personal dislikes
  3. Some typical dislikes
  4. Effective handling of a call
  5. Listening skills
  6. Listening skills - with model answers
  7. Service standards
  8. Service standards - with model answers
  9. Communications style  - questionnaire
  10. Communications style - score sheet
  11. Handling the different personalities
  12. Complaint handling
  13. Difficult callers
  14. Role Play - delegate preparation
  15. Role Play - reviews
  16. Rules for call centres
  17. Personal actions planning

Additional (bonus) exercises & handouts:

  1. Using empathy
  2. Using empathy - with model answers
  3. Some difficult callers
  4. Some difficult callers - with model answers
  5. Using positive language
  6. Using positive language - with model answers



call centre course training materials
Programme Title: Call Centre Skills
Training Duration: 1 day
Price: £199 + VAT
Target Audience: All call centre staff.

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