How to Super Charge Your Performance

It is well known that people who set themselves goals achieve more than those who just drift along. Now is the ideal time to make a commitment to supercharge your performance. Here are five great goals to set that will help you do just that.goals

1. Seek feedback. If you want to grow then you need to know what areas to focus on. Whilst criticism can be hard to take, if we actively seek and act on feedback we put ourselves ahead of the pack.

2. Resolve to network. It’s easy to make time excuses, but whatever your time constraints there is a way to network more – whether a breakfast event or on-line. Forging links with people who can help is crucial to success in business.

3. Keep a success diary. Commit to keeping a folder of all the correspondence you get praising your work. Make your own notes to put in this folder whenever someone calls you and says something nice about what you’ve done. When you are feeling a bit demotivated reading these positive comments is a real pick-me-up.

4. Stretch yourself. Look for opportunities to stretch yourself. Volunteer for new projects. We all need a challenge to give of our best.

5. Undertake some training. If you have been doing your job for a while it’s easy to become complacent. But there is always something to be learned that can improve your personal performance. A short open course from Spearhead is the ideal way to refresh your skill set... and is an opportunity to network as well!