Does Coaching Really Work?

Providing one-to-one coaching sessions for key employees is increasingly being used by organisations.

Coaching is typically provided to an organisation's middle and senior managers, as well as to its sales people. The aim of the coaching sessions is to maximise the effectiveness of these key people so that their future efforts improve business performance. But does coaching really work?

Some recent research by the International Coach Federation (ICF) clearly indicates that it does.

After coaching, the ICF found that 19% of companies showed a ROI of at least 50 times their initial investment with a further 28% showing a ROI of 10 to 49 times their initial investment.

The median company return was found to be 700%, indicating that a company can typically expect a return of seven times their initial investment in coaching.

With a successful sales coaching program, the ICF found that organisations reported between a 25% to 40% increase in sales activity, leads generated, average deal size, and close ratio.

The conclusions are clear - providing coaching is a very effective and efficient way to improve business performance.

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