Being Productive When Traveling

It is not just sales people who have to regularly work away from home. Many managers travel routinely to meet up with colleagues who work out of offices in different locations, attend conferences or training events. Often our only time to catch up on important work projects or emails when out and about is when traveling (if we are going by train or plane) or in the hotel in the evening. Here are some time management tips to ensure you use this otherwise non-productive time effectively

1. Use down time
Whilst it is getting easier to stay connected, there will still be times when you simply can’t connect to the Wi-Fi. By keeping a list of tasks you can do without being connected in your briefcase, including those “housekeeping” tasks that tend to be put off when you can get on-line, you can be still be productive without the internet.

2. Be powerful
Even if you can connect your laptop to the internet when traveling, you will not be very productive if it then runs out of battery power. Use every opportunity to charge it up (in the car, on the train etc.) and make sure you carry the right type of adaptors with you if traveling abroad.

3. Take a break
When you are away from home it is easy to fall into the trap of working every spare minute; it can be boring being in a hotel room night after night. If you were at home you would take small breaks to watch some TV or make a cup of tea. You need to do this when you are away from home. Traveling is also very tiring, so make sure you build in some R&R after a long journey to allow your body and mind time to recuperate. You are much more effective when you are not tired.

4. Plan in advance
We take a lot for granted when we are in our normal place of work and go home at night. We can eat and drink when and what we want, we control our environment and so sleep well in our own familiar bedroom etc. When working away from home we can’t take these things for granted. Research your destination in advance to find the basics, such as a restaurant selling the type of food you like and a decent, quiet, hotel. Good planning is an important part of time management and essential if you want to improve your effectiveness when traveling.