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Lessons from Starbucks

The well-known high street coffee shop, Starbucks, recently hit the news for its reaction to a racist incident in one of its US stores as it decided to close the entire business for a day to give training to every employee. So what did they do and did it work? (more…)
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The Masterful Meetings Habit

Most meetings at work do not deliver the benefits they could, or should, deliver. They are too long, too dull, not focused enough… and that is just for starters. So how can you improve the effectiveness of your meetings? Here are some tips to help you. (more…)
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Providing Staff With Training

With budgets tight and the loss of man hours whilst employees attend training, it is not surprising that many organisations find reasons to not provide training for their staff. The case for workplace learning has never been stronger, so such organisations are missing out on the many benefits their competitors (who provide training) achieve. (more…)
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Have a Go!

Throughout the month of June the Festival of Learning runs its “Have a Go” month. So to help support all adult learners in this blog we look at some tips to help you develop your own “have a go” attitude. (more…)
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The Training Carrot

What do you think of when you hear the words employee rewards and perks? Financial incentives? Bonus schemes? Of course these play a role, but most forward looking companies now recognise that money alone is not enough to attract and to retain the best people. (more…)
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Avoiding Employment Tribunals

The number of employment tribunals, which are the employees last resort in cases of disputed disciplinary or grievance, has jumped 90% in the past year. What is going wrong? (more…)
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Maintaining Motivation Levels In Your Team

Many managers think that to motivate people they must offer tangible rewards (such as an incentive scheme) and that the bigger the incentive they offer the more motivated their people will be. However, there is plenty of research out there that challenges this belief. (more…)
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One of the growing trends in learning and development is the use of microlearning. So in this article we look at what this is and how to make best use of it to improve business performance. (more…)
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