Making Appointments

Making AppointmentsMaking Appointments
a 1-day in-company training course

This one day workshop will focus on best practice for making appointments. The day is highly interactive including numerous exercises and practice sessions to develop the skills needed.

Programme Content

Planning and Preparation
The Challenges of Making Appointments
- The Special Considerations of Communicating by Telephone
Using Benefits
- Credibility Statements
Dealing with Rejection
Structuring the Outgoing Call
- 1st Impressions
- The Reason for the Call
- Demonstrating Professionalism
Getting Past the Gate Keeper
Dealing with Objections
Gaining the Appointment
Delegate Skill Development
- Role-play using Tele-trainer Equipment
Review and Delegate Action Plan

More Information:

The making appointments training workshop detailed above is one of Spearhead’s range of specialist in-company only programmes for delivery to your sales team at your location or at a venue and date of your choice. If the content does not meet your requirements, we can develop a more tailored programme or alternatively we also can design a bespoke programme. Please contact our office to discuss your training needs. Please call 01608 644144 for details or use the enquiry form.

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