Time Management for Salespeople

time management for salespeopleTime Management for Salespeople
a 1-day in-company training course

The most valuable resource available to a Salesperson is time. It is a common complaint that "there are not enough hours in the day" and therefore it is vital that salespeople focus their attention on the important things to get the best results possible. Targets usually go up and sales people have two choices: work more hours in a day or become more effective at what they do. Selling has many distractions, and this workshop examines how to minimise non-productive issues. This is a participative programme in which delegates will be given a series of individual exercises and guidance in improving their use of time and effectively allocate time and resource to customers.

Programme Content

Time Management and Sales Success
- Self Control and Discipline
- What or Who Controls Your Time
Time and Work Behaviour
- How to Best Use Your Time
Your Prime Time
Setting Your Objectives
- Principles of Time Management
- Importance of Goal Setting
Time and Planning
- Prioritising Customers
- Paretos Law
- Developing Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plans
- Planning Aids
- Analysing Your Time with a Time Log
Territory Management Principles
- Journey Planning
- Managing different types of territories
Time Robbers
- Self and the Environment
- Managing E-Mail
- Techniques for dealing with Paperwork
Managing People who Impact on Your Time
Analysing and Assessing Progress
The Rule for Effective Time Management
Action Plan
- Your Intentions for the Future, Starting Tomorrow

More Information:

This time management for salespeople workshop is one of our specialised selling in-company programmes and is delivered on-site to your sales team. However if it is not exactly what you want, we can either create a tailored workshop based on our extensive library of standard materials or produce a fully bespoke time management workshop for you. You can either contact us by phone or by the enquiry form for more details.

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