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Our online sales training modules are the perfect solution to improve business performance cost effectively whilst saving valuable sales time. They are ideal for busy salespeople who want to maximise their results.

Meticulously created by our own experts to develop your sales knowledge and techniques, the modules are easy to use and relate to the “real world” of selling. Applied correctly you will be guaranteed a return on investment many times over.

There are ten core modules which build into a complete online training course and three additional modules. The modules can also be taken as stand-alone modules. Please take the time to view the module details and if you have any questions do contact us.

Special Introductory Price:

  • £9.99 per module
  • Or purchase all 10 core modules for £79 - save 20%
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You have 20 days to complete individual modules and 10 months to complete if you buy all 10 core modules together.

Who are these training modules suitable for?

These modules are suitable for anyone selling to another business or organisation. They are for those who want to develop a comprehensive understanding and their techniques for each stage of the sales process to maximise business performance

Core online sales training modules:

Module 1: Steps of the Sale & Qualities for Success

This module defines selling and looks at the steps of the sales process before focusing on the qualities required to be a successful salesperson and what customers expect from you.

Module 2: Motivations for Buying

This module explores the reasons why people buy and considers how you as a salesperson can turn the product, service or solution you sell into buying motivations.

Module 3: Planning & Preparation

This module considers all key areas for effective sales planning and preparation, the importance of targeting the right customers and the factors that make a target customer.

Module 4: Initial Contact & Making Customer Appointments

This module focuses on the structure and techniques for making initial contact with a customer and securing an appointment.

Module 5: Customer Meetings

This module looks at the key stages of the customer meeting, looks at how to handle the different types of customer, how to open up the meeting positively, the reasons for asking questions and the forms of evidence you can provide to back up your claims.

Module 6: Sales Questioning Skills

This module reviews questioning and looks at a useful model that will help you to build your sales case. It considers the customers buying criteria and explores a range of questioning techniques you can use to maximise the effectiveness of the questions you ask.

Module 7: Presenting the Sales Case

This module explores the techniques for making a sales presentation and considers the specific techniques for presenting price.

Module 8: Sales Communication Skills

This module considers the key sales communication skills required by effective sales people. It reviews the many body language signals that can be observed during a customer meeting and looks at how to respond to these. The hand shake, body position and recommended sales body language is covered and the three types of buying signal are discussed.

Module 9: Objection Handling

This module looks at the background to objections and the options available to handle objections. This is consolidated by considering the three stages of objection handling before moving on to consider the common objections and how to handle these.

Module 10: Closing

This module covers the key considerations for closing and gaining the order. It includes a useful checklist and explores trial closing opportunities and methods. It looks at how you can gain commitment and the key closing techniques you can use.

Additional online sales training modules:

Module 11: Planning to Achieve Sales Targets & Territory Planning

This module covers the ten steps necessary to effectively plan to achieve your sales targets.

Module 12: Managing Sales Time

This module covers the techniques for effective management of precious sales time.

Module 13: Managing the Long Sales Cycle & Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

This module looks at the special approach needed to sell when there is a long sales cycle and multiple decision makers.


Please see the on line training page for details of the format of our online sales training modules

How to Order

If you are ordering for yourself there are three ways to purchase the online sales training modules:

1) Simply complete the order form on the right of this page with your details.
2) Contact our office by telephone (01608 644144) and ask to speak to one our Customer Service Advisers.
3) Email us at with your requirements or to request a booking form, which we will send by return.

On receipt of your order you will be sent an invoice. Once payment has been received you will be sent an email with your unique pass key so you can immediately access your online modules. If you choose to pay by credit/debit card then your invoice will contain a secure link so that you can pay via PayPal.

If you are a corporate customer and require training for multiple users, please see the corporate online training section for purchasing options and ordering details.

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Why choose online sales training

There are eight reasons why you should choose Spearhead's online sales training modules:


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