Mix & Match Tailored Training

Mix and match training

Mix and Match

We have used our extensive knowledge and resources to design a series of  Mix and Match training modules that you can use to create your own tailored in-company training workshop.

There are over 50 mix and match modules to choose from. Each module focuses on a key subject area and includes specific exercises developed by us to build skills as well as knowledge.

Simply select up to four modules from the mix and match range to create your perfect one-day fixed price workshop. We will then prepare the training support material and deliver the workshop at a venue of your choice to up to 12 delegates.

Mix and Match Modules

Select up to four modules from any of the following mix and match lists to create your own tailored one-day in-company training workshop for up to 12 delegates. For ease of use the lists are divided into management, business skills and selling skills modules - but you can select modules from across lists if you want to.

Management Modules:

  • Role & Responsibilities – Why managers manage and key responsibilities
  • Moving into Management – Common problems and how to avoid them
  • Better Delegation – Making delegation work by avoiding the pitfalls
  • Motivating Your Employees – The theory and practical application of motivational techniques
  • Decision Making Techniques – The 7 steps and some decision making tools explained
  • Giving Effective Feedback – The do’s & don’ts of giving constructive & developmental feedback
  • Leading Meetings – The what and how of being a meeting leader
  • Management Styles – Understanding, assessing and adapting your style
  • Managing by Objectives – How to set objectives and achieve results
  • Training on the Job – Keys to designing and delivering work-based training
  • Interview Techniques – How to prepare for and run an interview
  • Counselling Skills – How to counsel staff
  • Appraisal Interviews – Successful performance review
  • Essential Leadership Skills – The ORJI model

Business Skills Modules:

  • Self Management – Organisational techniques to improve your use of time
  • Stress Management – Causes, symptoms and stress management techniques
  • Email Etiquette – Communicating clearly via email
  • Golden Rules of Customer Service – The 7 standards and how to apply them
  • Improving teamwork – A practical team building session to improve teamwork
  • Communication Skills 1. – Questioning and listening skills
  • Communication Skills 2. – Giving crystal clear instructions
  • Building Self Confidence – Overcoming doubts and fears
  • Successful Proposals – How to structure a winning proposal
  • The Art of Positive Thinking – PMA techniques to improve personal performance
  • Presentation Skills 1. - Preparing a Presentation
  • Presentation Skills 2. - Conquering nerves and getting started
  • Presentation Skills 3. – Understanding the audience: dealing with questions and interruptions
  • Presentation Skills 4 – Speaking off the cuff
  • Financial Awareness 1. – Understanding business funding
  • Financial Awareness 2. – Making sense of the P&L account
  • Financial Awareness 3. – What the Balance Sheet tells us
  • Financial Awareness 4. – The essentials of Management Accounts

Sales Modules

  • Pre-Call Research – prospecting and identifying new customers
  • Making Appointments – How to make an appointment
  • Time & Territory Management – Maximising sales time
  • Structuring Sales Appointments – Managing the meeting
  • Why People Buy – Understanding the motivations for buying
  • Establishing Customer Needs – Using the WINCLIENT approach
  • Buying Signals – Recognising and responding to non-verbal communication
  • Selling to Multiple Decision Makers – Dealing with different buyer needs
  • Selling Quality – How to justify a premium product
  • Product Demonstrations – The do’s and don’ts of demonstrating
  • Objection Handling – Common objections and how to respond
  • Justifying Price – The financial proposition
  • Closing Techniques – Structured review of sales closing methods
  • Managing Sales Records and Information – Critical administration for sales people
  • Exhibition Essentials – Do’s and don’ts of exhibiting

To arrange your mix and match training either call us on +44(0)1608 644144 or, complete the enquiry form on this page and we will call you.

Mix and Match Workshop Timings:
Workshop Introduction: 09:30
Module 1: 09:45
Morning Coffee: 11:15
Module 2: 11:30
Lunch: 13:00
Module 3: 13:30
Afternoon Tea: 15:00
Module 4: 15:15
Review: 16:45
Workshop Closes: 17:00

"The whole content was immensely valuable & appropriate to me"
SK Omega Pharma Ltd
"The course was very in depth and I was very impressed."
JBD Forever Living Products
"I felt the course was extremely helpful and delivered well with a range of activities to keep our interest and help our understanding"
RC Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd
"Excellent method of training"
KT Baader