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Perfect PA

Enhancing executive performance

1 Day - Non Residential

This very popular one day PA course is one of Spearheads specialist secretarial and support training open course programmes. You will not find any other one day course like it. The programme has been specifically designed to address the training needs of those in a PA position and covers the professional skills a good PA needs to be effective in today's business environment.

image of pa course“I had an enjoyable day and will take lots of ideas back”

No other PA training course gives you more…

Delegate spaces available on the following course dates:

Arrow Date: 15th September, 2014
Venue: Spearhead Regional Training Centre, Chipping Norton
Brochure Price: £545.00
Online Price: £545.00 (Places Available to Book)
Arrow Date: 16th October, 2014
Venue: Central London
Brochure Price: £565.00
Online Price: £565.00 (Places Available to Book)
Arrow Date: 11th November, 2014
Venue: Spearhead Regional Training Centre, Chipping Norton
Brochure Price: £545.00
Online Price: £545.00 (Places Available to Book)
Arrow Date: 5th December, 2014
Venue: Central London
Brochure Price: £565.00
Online Price: £565.00 (Places Available to Book)

Non-residential Courses

The course fee includes all course materials, use of video and other training equipment as required. Lunch and light refreshments are included in the fee for all courses of one day, or longer, in duration. The number of delegates attending each course is limited in order to ensure individual participation. If overnight accommodation is required we can provide details of local hotels.


Programme Contents

  • What is your Role?image of pa course
  • Developing a Professional Image
  • - Characteristics of a Professional
  • - Improving your Credibility
  • - How to Develop Confidence and Self Esteem
  • How to Take on More Challenging and Responsible Activities
  • - Taking the Initiative and Making Decisions
  • - Key Steps to Solving Problems
  • - Setting Priorities and Smart Goals
  • - Delegating Creatively
  • Managing your Boss
  • Managing More than one Boss
  • Communication Skills to Enhance Your Value in the Workplace
  • - Listening Skills
  • - Giving and Getting Instructions
  • - Saying No Constructively
  • Handling Interruptions Well
  • Screening Callers
  • Reducing and Managing Stress
  • Goals for Your Job and Career


What you will get from this course:

1. A better understanding of what is required from the PA in today’s business environment
2. The opportunity to share experiences and benchmark best practice
3. A host of tips to enhance your contribution and value
4. Individual guidance and advice from your tutor to develop your skills
5. A CD of up to date self-development and reference materials to reinforce your learning
6. On going support via e-train, Spearhead’s scheduled e-communications of additional tips and advice to sustain your motivation and support your personal development when you are back at work
7. Access to the Spearhead telephone Help-line so you can get individual post-course support from your tutor when you want it

Description of Course:

Many PA’s receive IT or similar skills training but very few receive training that can help them develop the additional skills needed by a PA so that he/she can contribute towards executive effectiveness. This course plugs that gap.

For most organisations the most valuable resource is executive performance. This PA course is about executive teamwork. The PA takes responsibility for much of the organisation and co-ordination of an office. It is a task which calls for tact and diplomacy as well as effective communication skills. A good PA makes an enormous contribution to executive effectiveness and requires numerous professional skills to be successful in this role.

Led by one of our expert tutors, this fun and interactive training day provides PAs with the opportunity to examine their current contribution and way of working and challenges them to identify ways to develop themselves to their full potential whilst supporting their manager(s).

The course is run at regular intervals in two locations: London and Oxfordshire. Both venues have good accessibility and this makes it easy for PA’s to attend a course at a time and location that is convenient for them and their manager(s).

The course starts by looking at the changing role of the PA and some of the issues these changes have created.

A good PA interacts with many people at all levels and so must be able to project a professional and credible image at all times. This is not always easy, particularly for those who may be new to a PA position. The do’s and don’ts of portraying a professional image are discussed together with proven methods to boost your own confidence in your own abilities.

image of pa courseBeing a good communicator is obviously important for the PA and is considered to be one of the key skills needed to succeed. The course looks at communication from the PA’s perspective, including how to say "no" constructively.

Unlike other administrative positions, the PA frequently has to take the initiative, solve problems and make decisions. Techniques and tools for aiding this are discussed on the course.

Perhaps the most popular session is that covering "managing your boss" and "managing more than one boss" where the various problems are discussed and solutions to these problems developed.

In summary, this PA course is a great way to invest in your PA. It can be combined with other one day open courses in our secretarial & support, and our business skills sections to create a personal development programme.

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